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Animals Photography by Michael Underwood

Animals Photography by Michael Underwood

I truely am michael. I am pringle and very loud. But instead of lying in bed i play volleyball

I honestly relate to Michael in tons of ways not even joking. I just want to play video games and eat pizza with Michael for a full day, or forever is fine too ♡ <<< I never realized how much me and Michael are a like till now lol.

Food List for How Not to Die (2015) by Michael Greger - a whole-food, plant-based, fairly low-fat diet. Eat unprocessed plant foods – beans/legumes, berries, other fruits, cruciferous vegetables, greens, other veggies, flaxseeds, nuts, turmeric, whole grains. Minimize processed plant foods and unprocessed animal foods. Avoid ultra-processed plant foods and processed animal foods.

How Not to Die by Michael Greger MD: Food list – foods to eat & avoid

Michael Landon with his cat

Michael Landon and kitty friend read. I'm not a cat person. but it's Michael Landon.

No your cheating on Daniel how dare you Michael how dare you

(FC: Michael Clifford) Hi i'm Michael, I'm in a band called 5 seconds of summer, you might have heard of us. My sister is Lexi, you hurt her and i'll hurt you. I'm almost 21 and signal, I'm also bi so yea