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UtaPri ~~ Ringo looks stressed out. Want to bet it was Hyuga that made him feel that way?

You know, its really strange seeing Ringo as. well, a guy ~ UtaPri ~~ Tsukimiya Ringo (kinda looks like Kisumi from Free here XD)

Goushi Kaneshiro (THRIVE)~ He's the one that appears to be the rebel, but really, he just cares too much sometimes.

Goshi Kaneshiro (金城 剛士, Kaneshiro Gōshi) is an idol and a member of THRIVE. Goshi is a young man.

Info B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious: Currently my fav and my most fav reverse harem anime! Please at least watch the very end of episode 1! I literally screamed!❤️❤️ But those abs!! And never ever look up the images of the cv, they destroy the bishies.

MAGES' 'B-Project' TV Anime Premieres on July 2 The official website of of B-Project: Kodō Ambitious — the television anime of MAGES' fictional male idol project featuring character des.