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Infographics Design Elements #101 - 25 Vector

Infographics Design Elements #101 - 25 Vector

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More visually interesting ways of presenting data Infographic Elements Bundle 2 by Infographic Template Shop on Creative Market

I like this info poster because the background is beautiful and catches people's attention, but it has a lot of information about this man's adventure as well. It's clear and easy to read , and also very eye catching.

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Photo book design idea: Clean, white infographic-style information overlayed on photo--perfect for baby's first year, school albums, travel

Greenpeace 2011 by Antoine Hallé (via Creattica)

Love this color on the white. Gives such a clean aesthetic appearance. Main two column grid structure- yet elements are flexible within the columns.

The Straight Scoop on Ice Cream: Fun facts about ice cream and other stuff you didn’t know about the world’s favorite frozen treat.

this is random, but a timeline of events for the land might be cool -- especially with the battlefield history

This infographic is very hard to read I don't know what they are trying show.

This infographic is very creative. I like how they used segmented pieces of food as pie charts. I also like the use of pastel colors.

Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

Infographic Timeline created to inform others about the importance and great history of the Internal Combustion Engine. Includes a motion graphic timeline at the end.