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Cat discovers wheels

er, actually it's alien cat discovers wheels (watch the glowing eyes)

Africa the cat gets a set of wheels.. I LOVE this video i watch it often.. its soo heartwarming i love this cat!!

Africa the cat gets a set of wheels. I LOVE this video i watch it often. its soo heartwarming i love this cat!

Puppies Skateboarding. It's killin' me.

WATCH: Puppies Go Skateboarding

Neo - the Cat who Swims in the Sea http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded=psKF9vbtyQI#

Neo the cat loves to swim in the sea at the Kungkungan Bay Resort in Indonesia. According to his owner who manages the dive resort, Neo takes a swim every two days in the ocean and gets a hot bath […]

Cat falls through ceiling. During a presentation. Fabulous. ~ET

Cat falls through the ceiling into a classroom

While some cats are busy LOLing, Henri is morosely lounging around his flat, delivering biting insight into the feline condition. "I am free to go. Yet I remain."

Your Morning Ennui: Henri the French Cat Articulates the Pain of Existence

'French Cat' Video 'Henri, Paw De Deux' Wins Golden Kitty At Internet Cat Film Festival


Comisky the babysitting cat is making a baby laugh while playing with toys on the baby bouncer.