The Birds - Typography Poster. made a poster for a local theater! obviously inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, but the poster was for the original screenplay 'The Birds'

saul bass the birds

the legendary Saul Bass

Saul Bass "The Birds" movie poster. Use of negative space makes this poster more dramatic with the contrast between the red and white.

i dont think this has anything to do with logos but this is pretty sweet!  minimalist fairy tale posters

Christian Jackson of Square Inch Design, created a series of hyper-minimalist poster designs for a myriad of classic children’s stories we’ve grown to know and love. Check out the poster's below (buy the prints here) and be sure to visit the Square Inch D

圖地反轉 - Google 搜尋

I just love negative space illustration. Peter and the Wolf Phoebe Morris Illustration

The flat lines on the top half of the image contrast with the lines that show depth on the bottom of the image

Description Collections: 50 Covers of 2010 Discipline: Book design Format: Book, Book cover Credits Design firm: W. Norton & Co. Art director: Ingsu Liu Jacket designer: Jason Booher Publisher: W. Norton & Co. Trim size: x

I like that the lines and negative space show the depth of the "instrument." Plus it's a bit clever how it spells Jazz.

Not sure what type of horn-a "TrumpBone "Maybe? I think this is really creative to bring the instrument into the word Jazz

Portes Ouvertes — Designer Unknown

30 affiches avec un travail typographique original - Inspiration graphique #12

Reconoceronte.   I have a huge copy of this and I love it.

The organic shape of the trees and the rhino really complement each other. Than the geometric shapes around the "M" really pop.

Dan Friedman (1945–1995)

yalegraphicdesign: “garadinervi: “ Dan Friedman, Graphic Design Alumni AGS Basel, Philadelphia College of Art, December 1967 ” Dan Friedman (taught graphic design at the Yale School of Art from 1969 to ”