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Meet Kymberli, this lady is simply a rockstar!! She decided a year ago that she didn't have to settle. She knew deep down that she could grow older AND stronger. Everyone who has participated in an online Fitcamp group with Kymberli can back me up when I say, this lady exudes strength, determination and inspires men and women every single day! I'm so proud of her and her positive attitude.

Everyone needs a new challenge every now and then to continue growing. Monthly online challenges hosted by me, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness coach. Info or FB: Sarah B Thomas-Fitness

Wow, just wow!! Here's some motivation for you this Monday...the gorgeous top picture is from one of my online clients who is LOVING her new eating plan and the bottom message was from a client who just completed her 21 Day Fix journey. Incredible! You CAN do this. I'm happy to help get you started when you are ready. Leave your email or message me

Move of the Day-Try this for a GREAT shoulder burn. 5 lbs weights are all that's needed. Trust me, 5 lbs is plenty! Do 10 reps 3x.

TAG a friend who may need some encouragement to push the negativity aside.

Here's a sneak peek at 1 of the 8 quick cardio and strength circuit workouts my health and fitness group is getting this month and next.

You never know when you will be the one who inspires or be the one receiving, although one thing is certain, they BOTH change you. I was totally inspired by a class I taught, the energy, enthusiasm an drive was unbelievable! Then a voicemail from a client crying because I Inspired her to make a change and become strong enough to fight off cancer. "just keep pedaling" friends. Be the inspirer and the inspired. Change breeds change. Be the change. Make a difference!

When breakfast means fresh veggies, lean protein and a ton of vitamins and minerals, I say any time of day is perfect to gobble it up! Who else enjoys midday breakfast or breakfast dinners? Aka "brinner" at our house

What's holding you back...physical strength or mental strength? Sarah B Thomas-Fitness