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Waiting for Police vs. Armed Self-Defense: Incendiary Image of the Day - The Truth About Guns

Well, that takes care of that whole gun control debate quite handily, now doesn't it?

Of course, neither the gun control lobby nor Obama will admit THEY are the reason for epic gun sales. So what does Obama do?

Quick history lesson. Historically speaking, Republicans have given black Americans the same rights as the white man. Do black Americans know why they started voting Democrat? Answer: KKK threatened their lives if they didn't vote Democrat! Contrary to popular belief, the KKK is backed by Democrats, not Republicans. "Reconstruction history" doesn't change historical facts.

TRUTH - Obamacare is a dead Turkey just like Democrats! History proves itself once again! Obama recorded saying after leaving White House : " get my name off this Turkey" referring to Obamacare! LoL even he realized its poor execution!

Obama no ordinary man...    Google+

Obama Is No Ordinary Weakling This letter to the editor of The Register-Guard was written by Reis R. Kash of Springfield, Oregon. The letter appeared in

"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people...To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -George Mason, during Virginia's ratification convention, 1788

Wake up America! You are the Militia! My family fought for freedom in the revolutionary war and I'll carry on the tradition of needed.

Im loving this so much, ! THATS THE REAL AMERICA. The one who gives opportunities, the one that is inclusive , no the one who hates or discrimines . Just give us a chance to show who we are. We love America as well.

I have no problem with Legal Immigrants who pay taxes into our system getting benefits~education, health care, etc. What I object to is Illegal Immigrants~~NOT paying taxes, not becoming American citizens, and sucking our system dry of resources!

I by no means love Trump but he was definitely the best choice in this election.

If you can't vote for the person, vote for the platform. You will also be held accountable for going along will the evil of the corrupt politician.


Funny pictures about Censoring Paula Deen. Oh, and cool pics about Censoring Paula Deen. Also, Censoring Paula Deen.

Somebody's anti-Christian is showing...

There are not supposed to be double-standard decisions coming from the President of ALL Americans!

We ALL need to stand!

You can not vote away my rights. I will say what I please. I will own any type of firearm I choose to. I will not sit down. I will not shut up. I will not comply. I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

If you do not know these things, ask an illegal alien  Mexican.  They know exactly what would happen and they are laughing at us for letting them break OUR LAWS.

“Try slipping into Mexico illegally & let us know how that works out!