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I told my husband once I didn't see the point in him buying me flowers since they just died anyway.  I was wrong.

Lavender, rose and green wheat bouquet. Stunning shape, textures and colors. Elegant and yet simple. The ribbon going all the way around the base of the bouquet is beautiful.

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Orchis italica -- an orchid with little people - Funny flower is an orchid that looks like little people are attached to it.

Orchis Italica also known as the "Naked Mans Orchid" is native to the Mediterranean.

Gallery.ru / Фото #9 - К. Кляйн - pechka2

Gallery.ru / Фото #9 - К. Кляйн - pechka2

Bright Colorful Harborside East Charleston SC Wedding // Dana Cubbage Weddings // Charleston SC Wedding Photography

“The stunning table arrangements were my favorite part of the décor,” Liz says. “I cannot give enough praise to my wedding planner, Pure Luxe Bride, and my florist, Branch Design Studio.” Photo by Dana Cubbage

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