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Digestive System Knitting Update | Adventures of an Artisan

Digestive System Knitting Update

DOMESTICATED RABBIT....any of the varieties of the European rabbit species....first domesticated in the Middle Ages...used as sources of food, fur, wool, and as pets...45 recognized breeds...need hay to assist the digestive system and prevent fur balls in their stomach...can jump up to 36 inches or higher...DWARF HOTOT....a weight of 2 - 3 pounds

50 Cute Bunny Pictures

Bunnies are sweet and cute furry pets who’re good friends of human beings, from elders to babies. These lovely bunny pictures are captured by some of the amazing photographers, animal lovers.

Red hibiscus flower dye | on the left is alum mordant and on the right is iron…

Make Your Own Organic Natural Red Fabric Dyes

Red hibiscus flower dye - on the left is alum mordant and on the right is iron. both beautiful!

Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax Agent) (can produce endospores to survive harsh conditions. Appear as bubble like structures in within the cell. Rod like shape. Transmit thru contact with infected wool/goat hair/contaminated meat. Affects respiratory/digestive/integumentary systems. Is a bacteria)

TIL that a form of anthrax bacteria is called B. It can colonize the gut of invertebrates as a symbiont and is a frequent cause of food poisoning.

This Colon Cleanse Diet  will detox your digestive system in just 21 days without any doctors around or any medications and/or drugs. You can clean up to 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon and lose weight more easy.

Our Colon Cleanse Remedy Cleans the digestive system in just 30 weeks without any doctors around or medications. You can clean up to 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Collon and lose weight easy and fast. # best way to lose weight in two weeks

Pet Rabbit Care: 9 pet care tips will give you confidence in your ability to care for your pet bunny rabbit and understand its needs. Care and feeding pet rabbits

Altex Rabbits - a commercial rabbit breed, not a show rabbit. Use an Altex sire to produce terminal cross meat rabbits that go to market sooner