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Day 98: Self-Forgiveness on "Putting in the Effort"

Mike McDonalds Journey to Life: Day 334 Living Self-Forgiveness Works

Forgiveness - to help us Get Well and Move On

Forgiveness for myself is probably the hardest thing. I can forgive others.I just have a hard time forgiving myself.

Success Formula

There are no secret formulas for success in anything. Work hard, be nice to people, and stay true to who you are.

irritante personas

irritante personas

And that tingle at the back of your neck that runs down your spine to remind you that you're the only thing alive out there!:

Favorite Things There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 a. with its empty streets and cold wind.

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What are the latest statistics on teen and unplanned pregnancy in your state? What federal grants for teen pregnancy prevention are going to your state?