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#staroscin #poland #holiday #monkey #mine

#staroscin #poland #holiday #monkey #mine

LOL...Sea Monkeys ~ This is what I thought was going to grow in my water at the age of 10!!

Sea-Monkeys are probably the easiest pets you can ever own, and they were probably the first pet I ever had. This article tells you more about Sea Monkeys and where to buy them.

r u mine // arctic monkeys satisfaction feels like a distant memory, and I can't help my self, all I wanna hear you say is "R U mine?"

This song is from the Arctic Monkeys called, "R U Mine". The Arctic Monkeys is a indie rock band. Indie rock is typically chill and gives off a calming vibe. I think that today if Siddhartha was listening to this, he would probably be meditating to it.

I remember the banana that mine held in his hand. They all did, but that is the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Yes, she had one too! We also had imaginary monkeys. Mine as Chad and hers was Chipper. Funny the things you can remember. Sweet memories!

My nana still has hers on my dads bed and the monkey is like 50 years old