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Mr. Rogers  His opinion holds a lot of weight with me.

Rogers didn't remember that sometimes you do nice things for people and they repay your kindness with spite and hatred.<<<Actually he did.

Blog post; On dreaming big, being great & stepping up. (Don't worry, I'll help.) Plus a few insights from Eric Maisel on the difference a creativity coach can make... http://danielleraine.com/creativity-coaching-quote-eric-maisel/

What does a creativity coach do...?

In the eloquent words of my mentor, a quick insight into the difference that expert support and guidance can make.

Sometimes it ends up different and it is better that way

Sometimes it ends up different (that's ok). Totally my life story, right here. So many things ended up how I didn't expect!

Creativity quotes #11 comes from the beautiful & inspiring @Naomi Francois cleaver .  (From the free email series: http://danielleraine.com/creativity-quotes/creativity-quotes-11-naomi-cleaver/ )

Creativity begins at home

No excuses!!! I'm really going to drive this home to my mom, she's teetering on the edge of doing a spartan and I'm going to be the one to push her into the mud

This week lets focus on getting rid of all those excuses we use to avoid doing some exercise! We can all come up with lots of excuses to avoid exercise including lack of time, fatigue and even the.

People say never expect anything in return from anyone. But the truth is when really love someone, we naturally expect a little care and love them more.

You hope that, in return for you giving a piece of yourself to them, they will give a little piece of themselves to you.

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