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Plumed Basilisk

Arctic Tern image source The Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. This bird has a circumpolar breeding distribution covering the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and.

double crested basilisk lizard runs across the water

double crested basilisk lizard runs across the water, that's why it's called the Jesus lizard

Basiliscus basiliscus: Photo by Photographer Jim Hoffman

Brown Basilisk or Striped Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus; in some areas referred to as "common basilisk") is one species of basilisk lizard. Photo by Jim Hoffman

Reptiles And Amphibians Reptiles - amphibians -

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Varanus Salvadorii

crocodile monitor keeping guard for anyone who might make ur mood drop on ur birthday (he'll rip em up)

Nile monitor lizard

Nile monitors are wicked smart and can be clicker trained. One day, I will own one, and I will train it to get me a beer.

This is an anolis lizard with a blue head. I think it may also be called a chameleon.

Allison’s Anole - Anolis allisoni aka the Blue-headed Anole [Some pretty clear dimorphism here, but it's still worth keeping a group - including "boring" females - to see all their cool behaviors.