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Dark Iris №2 - Georgia O'Keeffe Estilo: Precisionismo Series: Dark Iris Genero: pintura de flores

Félix Más (1935) Dibujante, ilustrador, pintor español (Catalán)

Could be DG Rossetti, with a medieval gown instead Original note: Silk Kimono - Felix Mas

Auguste Rodin. I celebrate in praise to thee O'Lord thanking you for the beauty and peace in my life. I am replenished and restored

Can we just stop? Just take a minute to appreciate the fact that I can't turn over a bucket full of mud properly and others can do this?

Rooted trees lying here and there might not interest anyone. But with a stroke of artistry, these can be transformed into fabulous works of art. Since it requires a lot of hard work to make them well turned out, the acceptable masterworks are vocal enough to express their agony, relief or derision for what they have been morphed into.