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amen. "She was made for untidy rooms and rumpled beds." — Alexander McCall Smith, The Sunday Philosophy Club

"If you count all the stars in the sky, all the grains of sand, every drop in the entire ocean, all the roses in the world, every tear ever cried, and every smile that has ever been smiled... then you will have a taste of how much I love you." - Jesus

I laid in the tall grass with a fog covering my world. Am I dead? I thought to myself. No, answered a voice in my head I didnt know existed, But if you dont run now you will be. -another pinner repin, like and comment !!

It was weird sitting there, I was viewing the painting and all it's details. but nearly seconds ago I was living it. It wasn't just a picture, I was there when it happened. It was more than a story, I began it, the only bad part was that I had to end it.

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inspired by riverside - agnes obel reblog on tumblr As Rosa and me sat in the grass near the river in my hometown, I suddenly decided to have a photo-sh... riverside

idk tho bc i might try to do stage crew for the play this spring and idk this year there were like no people in the musical so they literally just took anyone