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“GMF Fruits” by Enrico Becker

Modified Fruits Photography For “GMF fruits” series made for Ligature Magazine, german artist Enrico Becker and his friend Matt Harris have painted fruits replacing their original colors by surreal tints. Blue lemon, pink bananas, through this conceptua


A tribute to Cannes, Chanel, 2016 –

Chungking Express is an online photography exhibition by James Tolich.   In this series, Tolich analyzes how products found in a Chinese convenience store are eschewed of their intended purposes. Superimposed over extravagant colour palettes, foreign packaging is repositioned as a visual metaphor for the Asian metropolis and the neon soaked dreams it promises.

Chungking Express

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culinary still life

Drawing inspiration from British artist Martin Creed’s makeover of London restaurant Sketch, Dutch designers Raw Color have taken some of the restaurant’s signature dishes and turned them into minimalistic food art.