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Seeking Sweetness in Everyday Life - CakeSpy - How to Draw Clothes on Illustrated Characters

How to Draw Clothes on Illustrated Characters

Capturing clothing textures in illustration adds personality to characters. Master essential techniques for creating clothing textures in art.

Interesting article on people who appear to have no rhythm.

Think Before You Clap: You Could Be Beat Deaf

Some people just can't keep a beat. A Montreal neuroscientist describes the problem as a "musical brain disorder" rather than a mere problem of coordination.

Velero al atardecer impresión de lona Mini con por Brushnhand

Sunset Sailboat - Mini Canvas print with Easel

Do You Possess The Heart of a King or a Slave?

​The difference between pride and humility is this: Pride is the manifestation of a slave that is perpetually trying to prove that he has value. Humility is the manifestation of king that already knows he has value and has nothing to prove.

rinnevuo_fairytale_460.jpg 340 × 460 pixlar

rinnevuo_fairytale_460.jpg 340 × 460 pixlar