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Having to remove your pump every time you shower or are at the beach is just one little interruption that kids with Type 1 Diabetes have to deal with. All the "interruptions" and changes that have to make isn't easy.

And people say I'm "lucky" when I skip PE because my blood sugar is 400.

This picture shows how diabetes takes hold of a persons life. Diabetes is a persistent (chronic) disease because it persists for years.

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Congrat’s to Sandy Floyd! You are this week’s winner of the caption contest!

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Ain't that the truth! Everybody thinks they know all about diabetes!

So if you think I'm weak, and can't take care of myself, remember: I am a T1 diabetic.

People constantly tell me how strong I am for being able to live with diabetes and not have a mental breakdown. I can cry about it daily, but when the tears stop my diabetes is still there.