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Perennial Plant Combinations

What blooms with what? That's one of the big questions we hear from our readers. So, we put together this list of perfect perennial pairings with some tips on h

10 Great Groundcover Plants

Aflatunense One of the most common types, this winner offers dense globes to 4 inches wide of pink-purple flowers. Name: Allium aflatunense Bloom Season: Late spring or early summer Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 3 feet tall

Salvia leucantha - Santa Barbara Mexican Sage - A dwarf selection of the ever popular Mexican Bush Sage with the same rich purple flowers and long-blooming nature. Attracts hummingbirds. A superior plant for hot dry slopes and banks. Rugged enough for rock gardens in warm climates and natural rocky outcroppings where it is likely to naturalize.With similar requirements as western natives, it is suitable for xeriscape or wild gardens in the driest climate.

Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

Artemisia - Plants with colorful foliage such as artemisia will keep the garden looking good while flowering plants go in and out of bloom. Artemisia has beautiful silver-gray foliage that won’t fade in the hot sun. This hardy perennial is also drought and insect resistant. Height varies by variety and can range from 3 feet tall to just 5 inches. Grows in Zones 4-9. Good for around chickens!

Perennial Plant Combinations

Perennial Plant Combinations - Make your flower border more interesting by pairing perennials with different flower shapes. Here, for example, the skinny, bright blue flower spikes of veronica contrast nicely with the fat, rounded blooms of coneflower.

Top New Perennials for 2016

Echinacea 'Baja Burgundy' Coneflowers are staple garden perennials that no full-sun border should be without. Like other colors in the Sombrero series, the brand new 'Baja Burgundy' lights up the garden with vibrant, alluring flowers. Sturdy and compact in habit, 'Baja Burgundy' grows vigorously in well-drained soils and branches to form powerhouse clumps of high-impact flowers all summer.

What Should I Plant Together?

Look here for ideas and inspiring galleries of combined flower and plant varieties. Create a colorful flower garden full of roses, lilies, daffodils, perennials and annuals by using our helpful guidelines for pairing plants.

Master the Art of Using Color in the Garden

Help color pop in your garden by planting matching blooms in large groups. More ways to add color to your garden: