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Josh discusses his struggle with compulsive gambling, how he got help, and how he's using that experience to help others.

If you’re experiencing a stalled or faltering career - and most of us do at some point or another - take a good look in the mirror. Are you guilty of exhibiting any of these common behaviors?

You are bigger than the obstacles you will face. The tedious work of budgeting and tracking will pay off sooner than you think in the form of encouraging progress – and eventually in a transformed reality.

Communication is the life blood of every marriage. For many though, communication is an area in our lives that requires massive improvement. The truth is, that not only do we need to be communicating on a regular basis in marriage, but there are specific conversations that should be had right away. Find out what they are.

6 Personal Development Tools to Help You Create the Life You Want http://thepowerofhappy.com/6-personal-development-tools-to-help-you-create-the-life-you-want.html

It's time to stop thinking like a failure and start believing in yourself.

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