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When you laugh or smile...     ::)

When you laugh or smile, it triggers a part of your brain that actually makes you happy! Are you smiling? Have you had a good laugh today?

She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines.... - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Beautiful deep in the soul

Instead  of thinking  outside  the box,  get rid of  the box by Deepak Chopra

Life is an algebraic equation. so congrats on the new job! Algebra -- it can really suck sometimes. ( I wrote this, it's the of my everyone = 1 theory. My friend Elaine is credited with the algebra part.

❤  Smile  ❤

Smile bright to make the world a better place.

Anxiety And Depression, May I, Nightingale


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I just want to spend the rest if my life laughing

I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing. Laughter is so powerful, a laugh or two a day keeps the doctor away. A belly laugh is good for the soul!

Quotes to make you smile. www.GownGarden.com

Quotes to make you smile. www.GownGarden.com

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Wear a smile everyday! God is your reason to smile! A smile is a blessing and a beautiful accessory to the body and life God has given you! Your smile makes you.


People who laugh live longer.

The Motivation Hotel: People who want to be in your life.

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A quote to make you smile - True love


I whole-heartedly believe this. Sometimes we do age to find this truth within ourselves & accept it with the wisdom of experience.

From the desk of an Evil, Warped Bitchmaster...

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Life Is Like A Rollercoaster Quotes - Habits For Smart People

Life Is Like A Rollercoaster Quotes - Habits For Smart People

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