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Documentary on “Migrant Mother” Photographer Dorothea Lange Premieres [Updated]

The Story Behind Dorothea Lange’s Iconic “Migrant Mother” Photograph and How She Almost Didn’t Take It | Brain Pickings

The Story Behind the Iconic “Migrant Mother” Photograph and How Dorothea Lange Almost Didn’t Take It

“Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange, 1936 For many, Florence Owens Thompson is the face of the Great Depression, thanks to legendary photographer Dorothea Lange. Lange made this photograph while visiting a camp in California in February With this.

“You put your camera around your neck along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange (May 1895 - October was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA)

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Dorothea Lange - 1935 - Portret (Dorothea Lange Ditched, Stalled, and Stranded San Joaquin Valley, California

Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), a great American photographer, is perhaps best known for her photographs of Dust Bowl migrants during the Great Depression.

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"Migrant Mother" The Great Depression and Dust Bowl era of American history captured some powerful images. This photo was taken of Florence Owens Thompson, a migrant worker mother, in California It has become an iconic image of that age.

Bad Trouble over the Weekend. Dorothea Lange, 1964. Her ring and cigarette, the creases around her eyes, and the title.

Dorothea Lange Bad Trouble Over the Weekend 1964 Her shots captured the depression era and made her best known for her sad but yet amazing photos.

Dorothea Lange's "An American Archive - Hard Times"


Art Dorothea Lange - 1935 - New Mexico - Resettled Farm Child From Taos Junction to Bosque Farms project, New Mexico. Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration.

snowce:  Dorothea Lange, A Sign of the Times - Depression - Mended Stockings - Stenographer, San Francisco, 1934  make do and mend

Dorthea Lange Photographie sociale - devoir de voir Dorothea Lange, A Sign of the Times - Depression - Mended Stockings - Stenographer, San Francisco, 1934

(Picture: Library of Congress)

21 of the most iconic photos ever taken

Dorothea Lange's photo Migrant Mother an iconic image of the Great Depression. The Library of Congress entitled the Migrant Mother image, "Destitute pea pickers in California. Age thirty-two.