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Pinterest Guide for Beginners

Pinterest Guide for Beginners

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These intergalactic travel posters look like they were designed by Don Draper: http://f-st.co/HiP3jBd  pic.twitter.com/EqKFZEDSbf

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Retro futuro japones

Japanese seem to produce some of the best retro futuristic posters you’ll find anywhere, as any fan of Akira Japanese Retro Futurism or Ghost in the Shell

アニー役の森永奈緒美に 出てほしかった戦隊ヒーローの中であれほど おパンツ丸出しな 女性はいませ

アニー役の森永奈緒美に 出てほしかった戦隊ヒーローの中であれほど おパンツ丸出しな 女性はいませ

Monoxide - 8 bit Sprite by Mirugin

Umhhh, Just want to Upload my Old work, Who's Monoxide? Monoxide is the main Boss from my Old VideoGame project, Made by Monoxide Gas character shape based on my friend design

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Waneella uses the magic of pixels to create simple-yet-striking sci-fi and fantasy-inspired gifs.


Just when you think he's gonna play music on his giant tape deck - KABLAM! He shoots you in the face with lazer bazookas