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LiveLoveDIY: 10 Painting Tips & Tricks You Never Knew (Part Three)

Add a little bit of Floetrol to your latex paint, and it prevents brush marks. For oil based paints, you can use a similar product called Penetrol & more great painting tips. - Futura Home Decorating

simple practical inexpensive affordable pergola patio

Perfect for Greyson's play area under the big tree for protection from any falling branches

Instant spot - Make Homemade Organic Lip Balm

This is an easy recipe to make your own homemade organic lip balm at home. This recipe will save you money and your lips will feel amazing!

Buy a Good-Quality, Angled Sash Brush

The Best Tips for Cutting in Paint

Cutting-in is a skill that takes practice to master, but it's worth the effort. To cut in, first load the brush. Then wipe most of the excess paint off by gently scraping the bristles on the edge of the can. Start by pulling the brush along the edge, but keep the bristles about 1/4 in. away from the wall or ceiling to deposit some paint on the wood. Now return with another brushstroke, this time a little closer. Sneaking up to the line like this is easier than trying to get it perfect on the…

Trim Painting Tips For Smooth and Perfect Results

How to repaint chipped, flaking or dirty moldings so they look like new by the DIY experts of The Family Handyman magazine. I do a lot of painting this will help

Make your own Poo Pourri recipe and save over 96%!! Works just as well and smells the same. Brilliant!

DIY Poop Fragrance Spray to save money & Get RID of that stink!

DIY Poo Pourri Recipe to save money & Get RID of that stink! - 1 tsp rubbing alcohol drops essential oil(s) of choice (The website used Lemongrass and Peppermint) and water.

We love white distilled vinegar. We don't love the way it smells. But we love it. It's pretty cheap, it's non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and you can use it to do (literally) like a thousand things in your home.

1,001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar

White Vinegar cleaning, laundry, and more This website has amazing recipes for natural products that can be made cheaply! Did you know you can use vinegar as an organic conditioner?

How To Make A Golden Boiled Egg

wonder if it works. Oh i am SO trying this- my girls eat hard boiled eggs like crazy! shake your egg like crazy, boil it and have a golden egg, bon appetite! easier for the kids to eat and not get the flaky yolk everywhere

Use bottled water cases for painting kits

Clever Solutions for Life's Little Problems

Painting tips Mess-Free Painting Tips ! These Are Excellent ! Mess-Free Painting Tips via The Family Handyman 10 Gallery Worthy Art Project.

Image result for short to midlength haircuts for fine hair thats going grey

Find the Foxy Wig by Revlon Wigs along with a wide selection of major brand wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, hair enhancers & wig care products

scentsationals warmer that I want

scentsationals warmer that I want