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Boromir lives

Big, biiiiig Yuri on Ice fan, I litteraly spent all my free time reading YOI fanfictions. or draw YOI fanarts. or ice skating.(and that's also because of YOI. Did I mention Yuri on Ice.

I'll put the autobuy option 12 hrs after uploaded Twin dragon kemonomimis Reaper bit. [ CLOSED ] Semi-chibi adopt 15 and 16

Drawings and random stuff ★Poland, 20 ★11/07 ★redbubble store: yenkoes ✉ yenkopost@gmail.com

Drawings and random stuff ★Poland, 20 ★11/07 ★redbubble store: yenkoes ✉ yenkopost@gmail.com

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Special Unlock: Underfell Artist-chan by CNeko-chan

*May your grandfather rest well in the afterlife ^^ --- this took a while cuz I'm not used to making a lot of peeps in one sketch,but I'm happy at how i.

Also them

Like I said, I definitely am drawing more "draw the squad" bases. I'm having a blast drawing these. Draw The Squad 2

Group Base - 4

Top left- Meryl, top right- Lilo, bottom left- Phoenix, bottom right- Thara

You dont understand style by Merollet.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is a really old chibi I did sometime last year, but I went back to it after seeing the lovely art that =BlissBunny did for me Nothing fancy, . You don't understand style

Base 122 by BlindAngel17.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Link back your finished picture to me You can Change Genders Orginal: [link] Base 122

Character Unlocked: Rosetale Kitten by CNeko-chan.devian... on @DeviantArt

--- Here she is --- Bio: unkown. TRIVIA: *A wandering spirit tending to rose gardens underground *Was Chara's first friend on the surface during their painful childhood *sadly,thi.