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15 Things Every Fashion Girl Has In Her Home

Perfect bedroom neon sign hah! || Tom Adair’s home For Est Magazine, Styling Stephanie Stamatis

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"White? White?!" Rachel shrieked a bit. "I said red roses! Not white!" "S-sorry your Majesty.." The royal guard stuttered a bit. "W-We accidentally planted the white roses a-and-" he got cut off. "Don't give me excuses," She snaps. "These roses better be red. Tomorrow." She ordered. "But y-your highness. W-We can't just turn the roses red overnight, they will have to be-" "I said they BETTER be RED, TOMORROW." She barked. "Or it is OFF WITH YOUR HEAD." His eyes widened, "Y-Yes your…

Finally, A Pro Baseball Team With Glow-In-The-Dark Caps

LOL LITTLE LOTTIE AND BIRDS AND VIOLINS YOUR FATHER AND SLEEP AND the angel of music sings songs in my head.......