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1780 Pages 2011 Ink/ acrylic and Paper with printed & hand written Farsi Text Esheghe "Love" Private Collection Telesm Series: Exhibited at Pentimenti Gallery "Ketabeh Eshghe" Book of Love Exhibition. Thanks to my student @Rebecca Morgan for the link!

Italian artist Peeta is renowned for his graffiti, but it’s his 3-D interpretations of his art that make him really stand out from the crowd. Cardboard is among the materials Peeta has used to transform written graffiti into complex forms that have been featured in galleries around the world.

Things we loved about MoMA's Rain Room, the art installation that swept New York City earlier this year: the way the ethereal space mimicked the natural world, how it mixed the beauty of natural resources with the wonder of technology, and its ability to attract even the most amateur of art lovers to the inside of a museum. Things we hated about MoMA's Rain R...

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