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Too true.

This was my exact face// add some text that says 'holy shit' in the smallest font possible and you've got my reaction.

fist its jasin and percy then when its mulan frank adds up but leo doesnt , the in the end leo and nico joins in!!

First its Jason and Percy then when its Mulan Frank adds up but Leo doesnt, in the end Leo and Nico join in!

incorrect pjo quotes: percy jackson & annabeth chase (percabeth)

incorrect pjo quotes: percy jackson & annabeth chase (percabeth)

This is funny but I don't really see it though...

Annabeth is so serious and then you have Percy .~perct asking the real questions

okay, what the hades jason looks like he's gonna bite his hand off. nico looks just wrong. leo is the only one that actually looks like himself.

We are completely fine. No madness here.<<< Oh my gods Leo's face though, that is the most terrifying thing I've seen from this fandom.

The Wonder Bread by WanderingLola.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | "Nico started to crawl away, groaning. Percy wanted him to move faster and to groan less. He considered throwing his Wonder bread at him." -The Mark of Athena, page 513-514.

The Wonder Bread by WanderingLola Yes Percy that is how you get a nearly dead person to move faster and be quiet .you throw wonder bread at them. -mark of Athena

Of course you won't find Riptide, because Percy has it! It magically returns to his pocket! Pshh mortals ;)

But technically it can't be Riptide because Riptide always goes back to Percy's pocket so therefore making it another pen that transforms into a sword

Percy Jackson-- No Longer Whole by Golden-Flute on deviantART (2). THIS IS JUST ART ALrighty.  He didn't lose his arm.

Funny thing is I saw this ages ago before I finished BOO so for the entire book I thought Percy was going to lose his arm :/