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Blinging out holiday fades via Akzentz.

Your New Must Have Tool and WTF is That Conversation Piece for Your Nail Workstation.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Nails Make Gel Manicure Babies with Akzentz Luxio Gel Polish

Does your workstation look like this? Aren't you sick of it? I know the answer already. I'm like but WTF do you do with all of your shit then?? The creative process is messy but that doesn't mean storing your stuff doesn't have to look like a hot mess. Let me help you with this. You'll be so happy with yourself once you do what I say Messy workplaces drain your spirit and makes you look like a bag lady to establishing clients. It's time to up your A-game. Stay tuned for a post in January…

How to Setup Your Workstation so it Stops Looking Like a Hot Mess