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This amazing woman and the non-profit she founded work hard to fulfill the dreams of people with life-threatening illnesses. It's awe-inspiring.
Work Hard & Be Nice To People.
All this time I was being innovative!
La vida es demasiado corta para desperdiciarla odiando tu cuerpo.
Belle’s Weekly Reading: August 1, 2014
Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...
Goodreads | Richard’s Status Update - 11 hours, 31 min ago
2014. Learning to be happy with what you have! Buying things doesn't equal happiness!
Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary #love #wisdom #cute #life
Be bold or italic, but never regular.
Winston's witty words of wisdom
Today was supposed to be my baby shower. I miss my baby girl so much. And tomorrow would have been Nicholas's 27th birthday. Chloe Layne Logsdon 6/15/2014. Nicholas Keith Riggs 9/27/1987-12/1/2003. I love and miss you both.
life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims & rambling conversations.