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My Drosera spatulata under led lights and often fed.

Drosera spatulata, The Spoon-Leaf Sundew - seeds sown 20/09/15, along with some mystery Drosera seeds

My Drosera spatulata are starting to grow faster again because of the increase in light. #drosera #carnivorousplants #plants #carnivorousplant #droseraspatulata by theclassycarnivor

Drosera spatulata Australien - Google'da Ara

Plant, Drosera Spatulata, Flower, Carnivorous

Carnivorous plant - Drosera spatulata; sundew


https://flic.kr/p/e7MZsY | Drosera spatulata | A Carnivorous Sundew plant from South of Sydney in NSW.

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