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Super Sensory Invitations to Play

Shape Sand Castle Sensory Learning with Wibbly Pig!

Play in a puddle of puddle, roll in the mud, make sandcastles, and more with Wibbly Pig! Then come get your Wibbly Pig! Adventures with Wibbly! DVD review, giveaway and FREE copy of my Wibbly Pig Inspired Shape Sand Castle Sensory Bin Pack too!

FREE:Everyone loves music. It can be upbeat or relaxing. Get us “moving” or calm us down. Music can help our moods and concentration. With this Music Makes The World Sing Sampler you will receive three (3) worksheets from my Music Makes The World Sing Cut and Paste Worksheet set. The full version consists of 19 worksheets. Students will enjoy learning the different musical instruments along with language and math skills using musical graphics.

Christian History Read & Play Kits

Check out these great Christian History Read and Play Kits for great, hands-on learning!

Adapted Books, Sentence Building, All Year Growing Bundle

This growing bundle will be updated throughout the year to give you adapted books / sentence building books to use all year round. This will include seasonal activities as well as generous interest themes. If you have a particular theme in mind that you would like to see in this bundle, please contact me.Many of these books will come in different difficulty levels to differentiate between students abilities.

Preschooler Sliding Sight Word Reading Cards: Part 2 #educational #homeschool #homeschooling #kids #learn #learning #learntoread #preschooler #read #reading #sightwords #teach #teaching #toddler #words

Activity with over 30 flags to work. Completes with complete set up to make into a book to use with your pupils. Part of our non-verbal literacy program. Supporting pupils to build sentences. Please view the preview to be able to see the completed books

CVC Spelling Task Cards - Magnets, LettersThis resource contains 30 different task cards. There are 6 task cards per vowel - a,e,i,o,u. Each task card contains an image and 3 boxes below for students to either write in or to place magnetic letters/foam letters.I highly recommend cutting each task card out individually and laminating so that they will be stronger and longer lasting.Using magnetic or foam letters is a great way to make an activity more interactive and enjoyable for your…

Sorting by Color- Autism Resource, Special Ed, Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy

Sorting by Color - Autism & Special Needs Activity, for more resources follow

Tallest Tree Stacking Boxes for Hands On Learning

These beautiful tallest tree stacking boxes for hands on learning, provide artistic inspiration and education about the mighty Redwood Tree. -