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Yes, sometimes, because I'm overwhelmed as it is.....my hubby ends up talking me into just resting and taking it easy, so of course I listen to him! Hahahaha :)

Yes! Sometimes I'll be like: " In the moring I'm going to wake up take a shower, do my sister's hair, make my bed, and do my hair all before school." Never happens but I do do my hair though.

If you have ulcerative colitis and no sense of humor for poop jokes You're gonna have a bad time

SouthPark Bad Time meme - if you try to use logic when arguing with a woman you're gonna have a bad time.Sorry women.

ibd crohns colitis funnies jokes lol

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Crohns and ulcerative colitis

Funny pictures about When I find good music. Oh, and cool pics about When I find good music. Also, When I find good music.



#GI disorders #IBD

Butterflies sometimes feel a lot like Mexican food. Those aren't butterflies in your stomach! They're evil machine gun toting, jack hammering fairies!

Ain't that the truth!

I usually don& forget to take my Thyroid medication, but when I do forget you can find me like this.

Truth.  (I am ashamed that this makes me laugh so hard!)

People say love is the best feeling. But I think finding a toilet when you are having diarrhea is better.