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When the likes of Noel Gallagher, Bryan Adams and a cheeky bit of Liberty X | 911 | 5star and the Village People come to town it can only mean one thing... @lythamfestival is well underway! Come 5:30pm the 'out of office' will be on and night with dear friends @keli_thompson wined and dined in VIP dancing to the sounds of 80's V 90's will be just what the Dr. ordered!! Whether you are joining the festival fun or relaxing at home what ever your plans have a wonderful weekend everyone…

Greenpeace - September 2, 2015: "Right now, Aurora, a 5 metre tall polar bear is in front of Shell’s office with 64 activists and Oscar winner Emma Thompson to protest Shell’s Arctic oil drilling. Aurora represents a movement of 7.3 million people committed to saving the Arctic." #ArcticRoar

In the study of the Jim Thompson House & Museum in Bangkok, just above Thompson’s old desk, are two separate horoscopes, foretold and framed, hanging on the wall. One of them predicts good luck in 1959, the year Thompson chose to move into this house, retired from the U.S. Army and the Office …

RIP RIGHTEOUS WARRIOR - 10-09-2016, Age 50. Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson took office in January 2014. He was the borough's first black chief prosecutor. Thompson also moved to vacate or support the dismissal of convictions of 21 people wrongly convicted of murder and other offenses. During his tenure as Brooklyn DA, Thompson ordered his office not to prosecute low level marijuana arrests. He said he also wanted to spare younger New Yorkers from “the burden of a criminal record.”

~ Hunter S. Thompson // Yup! That's why we have Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Grayson, Franken, Boxer; I could go on, but there are too many Democrats to name! As rude and vicious...and stupid, as the people who elected them!

John Thompson 1871. It's so hard for me to even imagine a world where people don't react on cue to a camera. . .surely this was somewhat posed, but the men haven't been trained to smile/stare at the camera. And I can't even conceive of the logistical requirements in traveling around the world to take pictures like this in the 1800's. . .

On the campus of EIU you can find this universal design located by the Business office. This a two-way entry ramp making it easy for wheelchair users.

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