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Scuba Adventures a mobile learning game we developed for Discovery Kids & Zaptoys is live in the iTunes store! Just in time for Shark Week!

Mindgrub Gaming Division | Mindgrub’s award winning mobile team is transforming game development. We’ve developed dozens of apps and games in the past year alone and we can’t get enough!

A Regrouping Math Story Unit

If your students are confused about carrying and borrowing, this unique way to teach these concepts is just what you need. This Thanksgiving themed unit explains how to use pinto beans and Zip Lock bags to show your students, in concrete terms, just what is happening when they carry and borrow. And what about that dreaded process of borrowing across zeroes? This method will make it a snap. The unit covers common core standards in 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade math.

Subject and Predicate Race

Need a quick and engaging way to get your students to practice finding the simple and complete predicate and subject or a sentence? Then here is your answer. I created this game to help the students in my writing classes and it has been a huge hit! ($) Subject-Predicate Race

The lessons in this free Lorax unit can be used to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss on March 2, the movie, Earth Day, or anytime you want to inj...