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Love these! Zombie Feelings Greeting Cards: Neurology Wish

Zombie feels...

Zombie feels...

This is the cutest thing,I mean seriously they remained loyal to each other even when the human turned into a zombie he didn't even scratch his dog and his dog even hunted for him. And the dog died for him,not knowing if it could come back from death.

Because when you're brutally murdered and resurrected, you get to make zombie jokes whenever you damn well feel like.

Feyre and Rhys WIP by on @DeviantArt

How I feel some mornings. (Well, most mornings, not being a morning person, and all...)

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip #1 Zombie apocalypse survival tip #1 Source: thewalkingfans

My heart was being crushed slowly. You know when you think your heart is breaking when your reading something and you think nothing can hurt it even more. WELL IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE!

I'm trying not to share anything from those particular scenes, but this is an exact example of my facial expressions during the whole episode.