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The Bible clearly answers the questions we all ask: 'Why do we get sick and die? What does the future hold?' The publication "The Bible-What Is It's Message?" gives an overview of the Bible, in chronological order. You can download it for free from JW.ORG. Click PUBLICATIONS > BOOKS & BROCHURES

Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. #Pray with the whole world ---------> silk scarves, hand painted, silky soft, each one a work of art, every one is unique, one of a kind, an original; a great accessory to any outfit, every fashionista has one in her women's fashion closet.

Jesus is coming soon..The Bible says when you see the fig tree bloom then that generation will not pass away before I return. The Bible calls Israel the fig tree. Israel returned as a nation in 1948...

One could do a whole board on this very long acrostic psalm par excellence; that is its eight verse sections are arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet. Nearly every verse contains one of eight words for God's revelation: "law," "testimony," "way," "precept," "statute," "commandment," "judgement," and "word."

“How do you know when the Spirit is prompting you? Here is a short list of some ways to know.” … Consider “how we will feel when we have the Spirit of the Lord and how we will feel when we have the spirit of the world or the evil one.” From Elder John H. Groberg’s message;