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Cat Breeds With Dog-Like Qualities

Burmese - The Burmese is an affectionate and even-tempered cat with a sleek, glossy coat. Although the original color is a solid sable brown, other colors include blue, champagne, and platinum.

Burmese Cats - Aaawwww these look just like my old cats. Teaser our female was a bit lighter and a Tugger was our black male!!! ❤ Miss those babies

amazing, fluffy, beautiful, cute kitty kartäuser british kurzhaar cats_of_instagram From @willowsparty ----

Just like my beautiful Fenn (Burmese cats have an awesome ability to love and will often require a lot of attention since they are so loving. They should not be a cat that is left alone all day while you are at work. If you are away a lot, get 2 Burmese and you will get 2 very blissful cats.)

BURMESE ~ The Burmese is a people pussycat. These kitties thrive on attention and quickly gets it with their charming demeanor. Burmese cats love to "talk" about their day while parked in your lap. They are happy to accept attention from any person or pet willing to dish it out.

Top 5 Sweet Little Tiny Cats Breeds

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