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The Arctic Storm raging above the mountains of Uttakleiv beach on Norway's Lofoten. Maybe a once in a lifetime moment, I mean - Who the hell shoots storms in the Arctic Circle?! #lightningmadness ---- ---- #lofoten #storm #lightning #arctic #beach #norway

Those moments when you wish you were not a surf addict. Il y a des moments où l'on aimerait ne pas être accro au surf! Photo by @vincentcolliard // @patagonia_surf #coldwatersurfing #surfaddict #norway #lofoten #surfingnorway by leabrassy

Some proud mountain moments at another midnight hike #mountains #hike #proud #sheexplores #greatoutdoors #norway #lofoten by mirjamderuiter

Favorite Moments 2015 (1/5): This year has magnificently blossomed into a year of adventure new passions and life lessons. All with friends being made along the way. This moment in the picture is not the first I saw the northern lights this year. I'm definitely not a novice viewer either after living in Alaska for 2 winters. However each time I see them I am giddy like a little boy and I just feel so alive and blessed to witness them. I thank Our Heavenly Father that I still exist to be…

Lofoten sunrise in Reine by joana2 sunrise mountains fjord north atlantic Norway Lofoten Reine Lofoten sunrise in Reine joana2

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