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Kalanchoe is a low-maintenance flowering succulent and a staple of the holiday florist trade.

Here’s What Your Favorite Houseplants Look Like in the Wild

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A Succulent Sensation / May 2014 eNewsletter Hundreds of Echeveria ‘Imbricata’ were used to create this giant lizard sculpture, perfectly placed on a slightly mounded berm for better drainage.


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10 Low-Maintenance Mums

These hardy chrysanthemums will survive even the most forgetful gardener's care.


The Kalanchoe Tubiflora or "Mother of Thousands". The bluish flower-like "blooms" are actually small plantlets that will fall off and start new plants. Sometimes called the "Chandelier plant" because of it's it's pendulous blooms - succulent type plant

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"True success is being able to be your own nucleus.