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I think I want that top green color for my walls. The second color is my couch. Then maybe paint my coffee table the purple, and then paint my cupboard another shade of blue green.

Пастельные оттенки

Pastel Sunset Ocean Rainbow --- another one where the right would need to be cropped prior to use, but it certainly is a lovely image! (It would also work well as a background)

50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Project

Choosing the right color scheme is essential to your website’s success. Your layout and other design choices - including font - should be developed in concert

a sunset-inspired color palette // gray, taupe, pink

a sunset-inspired color palette // gray, taupe, peachy-pink, pink. keep it the nutral colours until you find out the sex then add pink or blue

Living room matches couch. could use Teal decor ?

Color palette # 1323 Cold shades of peacock feathers use in bedrooms. Violet, Lilac or Blue Beyond, Blue-Green/Teal, Light Asparagus or Haven Green, and Isle of Pines or Kale Green. would be a fun mix of colors for the guest room