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Slow Cooker Hot Process Soap Making Tutorial

Slow Cooker Hot Process Soap Making Tutorial

Crock Pot Hot Process Soap – LOTS of pics! -- Has link to lye calculator/soap recipe app.

how to make hand/dish soap to match your kitchen and sored in one of the cheapie oil dispensers from walmart

Make your own eco-friendly dish soap in ANY COLOR! Rebideaux Passmore For your red kitchen. I like this black, grey, white, & red combo.

Don't know what to do with your leftover soap or misbehaved soap? Shred it and try this recipe for a Salt Bar!

Last Minute Project for Mom

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18 Amazing Uses for Essential Oils Thesecretyumiverse - Commonly used for aromatherapy purposes, essential oils can also be used to remove sticker gunk, make your room smell nice while vacuuming, concoct DIY toothpaste, deter rodents from hanging out in