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1989 – P2 portable #apple #tablet #ipad

Apple’s 1989 Portable Computer Concept, based on Alan Kay’s sketches for the Dynabook

Steve Jobs con il Macintosh 128k

PEOPLE ¥ Steve Jobs with the Macintosh the original Macintosh computer from Apple

We've Come so Far

We've Come so Far

Evolution of mobile phones; from the brick phones of the to today's lil gadgets, the times (& technology) has mos def changed over time.

Por más que nos esforcemos en negarlo, todos y cada uno de nosotros tenemos a un pequeño Hipster en nuestro interior que gritará que lo dejes salir después de ver estos geniales inventos. 1. ¿A caso hay otra manera de llevar tu café? 2. Eco tubo para empaquetar las camisas. 3. Una computadora super retro. […]

24 Productos hechos especialmente para el Hipster que llevas dentro

Macintosh iPad Stand - Remember the not-so glorious days of Apple with the Macintosh iPad Stand. This stand is made out of an old Macintosh Classic and is remnant of the .

ZTE's Spro 2 smart projector is powered by Android and runs apps right on its 5-inch touc

ZTE's Spro 2 Android-powered 'smart projector' will hit AT&T for $399.99

First announced at CES ZTE's Android-powered smart projector Spro 2 is finally launching in the U. The portable projector that measures x x inches will be available on April 24 from AT&T.