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Would love plants like this but my car eats them :(

The Ultimate Green Guide to Yucca Palm Care

work from home space - birds of paradise plant

work from home space - birds of paradise plant

Aloe plants are native to tropical regions, but even if you live in a place with cold winters you can have a beautiful, healthy aloe plant that you keep indoors. Aloe plants should be potted in a soil mix made for succulents. They like to be dry and warm, not wet and cold, so water only when the soil is mostly dried out. Healthy aloe plants produce "babies" you can break off and pot for a friend.

Care for Your Aloe Vera Plant

How to Care for Your Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe plants are native to tropical regions, but they can grow outdoors during warm weather. You can keep an aloe plant outside in zones 10 through and you can keep one outside during the summer in.

House Plants | Foliage Ideas for the Home

Botanical Inspiration: Foliage (#ihavethisthingforfoliage)

Types of tropical leaf to introduce into your home

Get tips on all kinds of house plants with our guide.

Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants

Railroad tie on metal trestles

We are planning to put a yucca tree in a pot on pool deck

Add tropical zest to your indoor space with this spiky, architectural look of the Mexican Yucca Elephantipes (what a mouth full!

Houseplants for Beginners | My Breezy Room

Houseplants for Beginners: How to Keep Houseplants Alive

Thrift shop baskets with handles or just make them so my heavier potted plants are more manageable to carry or scooch.

Umbrella Plants can be grown as tall or short houseplants following simple care instructions

Umbrella Plants: medium to bright light, keep soil evenly moist

Plantas para melhorar a saúde da sua casa

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Ficus Elastica

The beautiful Ficus elastica can make a nice house plant, but they can grow very big. Don't get these confused with Hevea brasiliensis (Rubber tree).