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The Pigmy Pouter stands tall and elongated with a puffed out chest and longer feathers on the feet. This one is by Tally Mezzanatto. (via

Owl plumage. What an incredible pin!!! If anyone has birds they can share with everyone on Pedegru would be a gift! We have hundreds of bird categories in the gruPedia so some real birds for the pages would really be fun. But this one...a walk through the woods on a winter morning, a pine branch, crisp and crunching snow under our feet, bundled up and warm, and this...a genuine surprise and gift of nature. Were I just to have been the one to capture it but thank you to the one who did!

Little spotted kiwi. A flightless New Zealand bird with hair like feathers, having a long down-curved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip. For more great info pictures follow this link: