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Homer Davenport Community Festival in Silverton, OR

Silverton, Oregon’s famous son, Homer Calvin Davenport, was an internationally renowned cartoonist in the late and early Centuries.

Homer Davenport Community Festival, Silverton August 4- parade and Aug 3

Homer Davenport Community Festival, Silverton August parade and Aug 3

Strawberry Festival, Silverton for Father's Day June 17 11AM

Strawberry Festival, Silverton for Father's Day June 17

homer c davenport | The World According to Homer Davenport

homer c davenport

A Quick Guide to the Bridges of Portland

Portland bridge series finished including the under construction Caruthers Bridge! Make Something Everyday Project ©april black 2012 the bridges are one of my favorite parts

Lane Bryant?  "Chubbies"?

Vintage Lane Bryant Ad: ‘Calling All Chubbies’ - It's unclear when this ran, but this is hilarious! I want that coat!

Thomas A. Livesley. The ghost in our governor's mansion, Mahonia Hall, appears every 3 days at 7:30 am according to previous owners. The Fairmont Hill home was built in 1925 by Thomas A. Livesley. The state came into possession of the mansion in 1986. When Governor Goldschmidt moved in, he was warned that he could expect Livesley's specter to regularly appear in the master bedroom robed in a blue-gray dressing gown. Though Livesley died in 1947 he apparently feels attached to his earthly…

Governor's mansion haunted (Oregon) The ghost in our governor's mansion, Mahonia Hall, appears with some frequency -- every three of four days at aro.

Ezra Meeker was a pioneer of Washington Territory. He came across the Oregon Trail with his wife and infant child in 1852. In 1853, they moved into Washington Territory and finally settled in the Puyallup Valley for over 50 years.* Along with his many accomplishments, Meeker founded the city of Puyallup as well as being its first mayor.

Ezra Meeker-Fascinating article about a seemingly fearless and enterprising American Pioneer. His accomplishments and adventures - amazing!

Florence Nightingale 1858 - this is one of my favourite pictures of her. I love the serious, thoughtful expression.

Florence Nightingale, OM, RRC was a celebrated English social reformer and statistician, and the founder of modern nursing. She came to prominence while serving as a nurse during the Crimean War, where she tended to wounded soldiers.

James Drury - The Virginian

JAMES CHILD DRURY was born April 1934 in New York City, where his father was a Professor of Marketing at New York University. When James was six weeks old, his mother, a native of Oregon, and the.