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Baby chicks   http://bit.ly/1Qwv2MH New Cute...

Baby chicks http://bit.ly/1Qwv2MH New Cute...

Swan and Cygnets | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Swan baby: Mom, why aren't we white like you? ^Swan baby: we are going to read the ugly duckling in class mom. Is it a good book? ^Swan: well ^Swan baby: mom why do you not talk so much? ^Swan: I wonder why.

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Country Whisper — http://www.picable.com/Nature/Cats/Horse-Nuzzling-a...

Chicks are some of the cutest baby animals on the farm, though most people think of chickens as being cute

Wild duckling with dandelions by Miroslav Hlavko

ᙢᏋяⱴᏋįℓℓɛųᎦɛ Ꮳяєαɬįσи (Wild duckling with dandelions by Miroslav Hlavko)

Antarctica Animals | Penguin Picture -- Animal Wallpaper -- National Geographic Photo of ...

Gentoo Chicks Two newly hatched Gentoo Penguin chicks get their first glimpse at the Antarctic wilderness. Photo and caption by Richard Sidey/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

A goat kid nuzzles up to a duckling to create an incredibly cute scene

All creatures great and small: Heart-warming collection of snaps showcases Britain's wildlife at its best from a jackdaw whispering in a deer's ear to a piglet sheltering from the rain under an umbrella

Sacred Nature's Babies beautiful baby goat (kid) nuzzles up to a tiny duckling.