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This is beautiful gothic guardian angel romantic valentines day art photography image for card to make or wall art

{pretend it's night time} I take my usual midnight flight around, where there's no humans to catch me. Everything came down on me at once. The realization that I'll never see my parents again, the friends I had, I will never talk to again...i was alone....truly alone. I have no family, no friends, just me. I begin to sob, and land into a creek, letting everything I've kept on for the past 6 years go. I hear footsteps, but don't move. "Are you alright?" I hear someone ask, walking to towards…

Wings - Chapter 1

Stunning Digital Art by Nathalia Suellen. I would call this The broken Angel.

If you're an artist that's spent any time on DeviantArt over the past 3 years, it's hard to miss the artwork of Nathalia Suellen — known commonly as LadySymphonia. The self-taught digital artist is a legend of the

hush hush by becca fitzgerald........ One of the best fallen angel books there is!!! would highly recommend it!!!!

hush hush by becca fitzgerald. One of the best fallen angel books there is! would highly recommend it!