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Morihei Ueshiba Lectures, from the blog post: Aikido and the Structure of the Universe - Ichirei Shikon Sangen Hachiriki / 一霊四魂三元八力
Illusions Product | optical illusions in aikido optical illusions deceive the visual ...  Because it's just so cool ....
Detail, colour, and cohesive images emerge from a collection of seemingly erratic items - making elegant sense of what can be a jumble of user data and generated content.
Les Limites de l'Architecture de l'Ere soviétique contournées par Brodsky &…
A Happy Place  by Norman Duenas  Art Print / MINI (7" x 10")    $20.00
Moon Hoons Fantastical Mind-Bending Art and Architecture
Moon Hoon's Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture | WIRED
Moon Hoon’s Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture
Les Yeux sans Visage: Totem: Selkham People during Hain Ceremony