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Clay Stamp Sage Leaf Pottery Press Mold Relief Mold or Sprig Mold Bisque Clay Herb Stamp for Ceramic Decoration

This glaze looks pretty cool and possible to do. Maybe put a thin line of wax resist under the outside line so it really pools relatively evenly. If the glaze is heavy enough then it should melt over the line and that would look even more awesome.

Ceramic cups by taobao - I love these! The beauty of them, the simplicity, the dual textures in your hand, the illusion of movement the drops create, the gentle earth tone colors. Of course they are by a Japanese artist. What is this glaze?

Every medieval household owned a pot like this. Steel kettles were more expensive and only richer families could afford one.    This cooking pot is a replica of a 13th century German original, but it doesn’t differ from its later kinds. It is completely handmade of clay from the Rhineland. It measures 19 cm and has a maximum diameter of 25 cm.  Please note: first put the cooking pot in water for a while before you use it with great heat.    This item is a museum replica.

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